High End, Keepsake Outfits

Designed by two mothers specifically for your little one's special day. Miriia carries dresses, outfits, and accessories individually and in customizable bundles.

Every Child is a Miracle

At Miriia, each outfit is named after a miracle baby and their journey to their families.

Your little one is incredibly special, and we are here to make their day just as important as they are.

We have curated the most beautiful items wrapped up in a bundle box including an outfit and accessories for your baby's special day.

The Mothers Behind Miriia

Hi from Ashley & Megan!
Our desire is to not only provide the perfect baptism outfit to celebrate your baby, but also to create an opportunity for women to join a community built around hope, support, and love for mothers around the world. 

  • The Story of Jackson

    We always knew adoption was something we’d love to experience, but we didn’t realize just how it would rock our world in such a magical way...

  • The Story of Eva Jane

    The name Eva means "full of life" and Jane means "by the grace of God". We know that Eva is here with us now, full of life, only by the grace of God...

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