Our Story

 A Message from the Founders

Miriia founders, Megan and Ashley


Hello from us, Ashley and Megan, the founders of Miriia Clothing. 

We are, first and foremost, two women who have been given the absolute blessing of being mothers. We are passionate about our faith, motherhood, and connecting with women. 

Before we started Miriia,we had the hardest time finding something we loved that actually fit our babies for their blessing days. Not to mention, finding all the accessories that we needed made it even more complicated. With Miriia, we strive to make preparing for christening and blessing days simpler by putting everything in for your little bundle in our Bundle Boxes. This way you can have more time to focus on the special peace that comes from such a sacred day.

MIriia got its name from the word Miracle. We chose this because we believe that every child is a miracle. Our desire is to not only provide the perfect outfit to celebrate your baby, but also to create an opportunity for women to join a community built around hope, support, and love for mothers around the world. 

We recognize that each journey to motherhood is uniquely beautiful. Our goal is to respectfully honor all women on the path to or in the middle of the journey of motherhood by creating a community of women here to support and connect with each other in the nitty-gritty of building families.  After all, it can be plain hard. Motherhood can be the most heartbreaking role while also being a sacred and joyous responsibility to grow our families and raise our sweet babies. 

Mother in green holding baby in the Eva Jane dress

We want you to know what you are doing matters. 

Regardless of your situation, we know God is aware of you and has a plan for your earthly and heavenly children.

We are so grateful to those who have been willing to share their sacred stories to uplift and offer hope to others. If you have a story you feel moved to share about your journey to motherhood and your miracle babies, please submit them here.


Ashley and Megan