Cleaning Your Miriia Outfits

Your baby's special day has passed, it was wonderful. You're putting their beautiful Miriia outfit away and notice a stain. What do you do?! Don't worry, our outfits are washable, and it is much better to wash them than put away a keepsake with a stain. So, make sure you look over your outfits before packing or framing them. 

We tested out our William Outfit that is 100% cotton.

1. Washed with Dreft Baby Soap in warm water

2. Hung to dry

Outfit did slightly shrink since it is 100% cotton. This outfit is a little stretchy though, so if you wash before your baby's blessing, then it will most likely still fit well. 

You can see here the pants and also the top with an unwashed item on the bottom and a washed item layered on top. You are able to see the shrinkage after washing on warm. 


We also tried washing the Eva Jane outfit but added a stain to test the best way to wash.


1. Use Spray and Wash, rubbed gently and let sit for a few minutes

2. Normal wash in warm water with Dreft Baby Soap

3. Air dry

 Small stain still left after first wash

4. Spot was faded but still visible, so we gently rubbed Fels Naptha bar 

5. Normal was in warm water with Dreft Baby Soap

6. Air dry

The outfit did slightly shrink, but not significantly. 


Products used:

Washing in warm water on a normal or delicate cycle will be a great care routine for your outfits.

If you have any other questions about caring for your Miriia outfits, please reach out via email or Instagram DM @miriiaclothing 

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I just received my daughter’s Eva Jane gown and it’s absolutely beautiful! I wanted to ask if it’s ok to wash on washing machine on delicate cycle? Or what is the best method to do so? I want to wash the dress before her baptism which is in 3 weeks but don’t want to ruin the gorgeous fabric. What do you recommend? Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you,

Stephanie Blanco

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