Newborn Night Feedings- How to Make Them Go Smoothly

Newborn Night Feedings- How to Make Them Go Smoothly

Bringing a new baby into this world is such a beautiful thing. We all have our different experiences, but they do bring a level of peace into our lives like we’ve never had before. Once they get older, they also add in a little chaos that wasn’t expected, but it’s good chaos at least. One of the most difficult parts of a new baby would be their lack of sleep at nights, and waking up for night feedings. No matter how a baby is being fed, they need to eat multiple times a night in those early days. Being exhausted from this new stage of life, it can be difficult to stay awake. Here are a few tips to help you stay awake and make the most of these night feedings.

1. Move to a new location
Moving from a bed to a rocking chair can help with more comfortable feeding and keeping yourself awake. If you have a spouse helping you, they can prepare a comfy spot for you or change baby’s diaper while you’re getting settled in a new spot.

2. Snacks
Keep some snacks and water by the place you’ll be feeding baby. This helps you stay hydrated and make sure you’re eating during this busy time in your life.

3. Keep a quiet environment
During night feedings, try to avoid looking at your phone or turning the TV on. A dim nightlight to see will help you to get back to sleep after feeding the baby. Wear a simple digital watch and keep a paper nearby if you’re tracking baby’s input/output.

4. Books
Including books in your quiet environment can keep you occupied but not disrupt your mind with too many busy thoughts or screens. A reading decide like a Kindle can also connect to headphones for audiobooks, and can be a great way to stay awake but not make your mind start running in the middle of the night.

5. Bathroom breaks
Make sure you use the bathroom after baby feeds. This helps so you are getting back to bed soon without as many distractions, and hopefully can get a good amount of sleep in.

6. Help from your spouse
If your spouse is able to wake up with you and help rock the baby after you feed them, or if they’re able to feed the baby with a bottle, make sure that you ask! If you’re nursing, ask your spouse to talk with you or rub your feet. He can change the diaper while you use the bathroom yourself. Take turns preparing and feeding the bottle to your baby too.

This is a short period of time in your life. The lack of sleep seems endless, and may take a while to get back. But, it’s all worth it. Holding those special babies at night won’t last forever, so cherish it while you can!

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