We have created the hashtag #miriiamoments for our social media posts. We love to see the sweet babies wearing Miriia! 

When you share your User Content with Mirria, you’re granting us the permission to use it in various ways that benefit both you and us. Here’s what you’re agreeing to:

1. Sharing with Mirria and its Network:

You’re giving Mirria, along with our affiliates and international third-party partners, the right to use your User Content. This means we can reproduce, display, perform, distribute, and even create new works based on your content. We’ll do this in connection with our websites and for other Mirria marketing purposes.

2. Marketing and Promotion:

Your User Content might find its way into Mirria’s marketing materials, including emails, customer communications, website content, and other marketing efforts. It helps us showcase what you’ve shared with us and promote Mirria to a wider audience.

3. Advertising:

We might also display advertisements alongside your User Content or on pages where your content is visible, and we can use your User Content to advertise and promote Mirria.

4. Non-Exclusive License:

Don’t worry, though – our license isn’t exclusive. You’re still free to use your User Content for your own purposes, and you can allow others to use it as well. We’re just getting permission to use it too.

5. No Additional Payment:

We won’t owe you anything more for using your User Content. Our license is fully paid and royalty-free, so you won’t receive any compensation beyond what’s agreed upon here.

6. Worldwide Rights:

We can exercise these rights anywhere in the world, so your content might reach a global audience.

7. Perpetual License:

Lastly, our license doesn’t have an expiration date. It’s perpetual, meaning it lasts indefinitely.

By understanding these terms, you’re allowing Mirria to work with your User Content in a way that benefits us both. Your content can contribute to our marketing efforts while still being available for your own use and enjoyment.

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