Miriia Grief Boxes

Miriia Grief Boxes

Miriia Grief Boxes

We have curated baby outfits and heirloom boxes for our children that are here on this earth with us. But, we know of many that have children they have lost too soon. The children in heaven that still have left their beautiful marks on this earth and our hearts. Our Grief Box was created to hold the special items saved or used for these tiny miracles.


The Box

Created out of Certified American Maple Wood, made in Illinois and it features a finger groove for easy opening and closing, as well as a magnet to keep the lid in place. Your angel’s items are important and deserve to be kept in a social place, this box is wonderful quality and a perfect keepsake. You are able to custom engrave the top and inside of the lid. Feature baby’s name on the outside and a special message or scripture on the inside.

What Is Inside

We have commissioned a beautiful painting by @bredesignco (on Instagram) named Surrounded by Love. It parents holding their baby, surrounded by angels. The impact of loss is so significant, and we know there are angels caring for us and the children we have lost. This painting is beautiful and we hope will bring comfort to those that see it.

This journal gives prompts to help those dealing with grief. It opens your mind and heart so help heal in a beautiful way, honoring your journey and your angel baby. It is embossed with a butterfly to symbolize the children that have "flown away" from us on this earth. 

The Grief Box makes a perfect gift for those dealing with loss. It can be used to honor those that have been lost recently or in the past as it can hold so many special items and memories. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and we wanted to release these special items to honor those that deal with this heartbreaking type of loss. 

Boxes will be available October 15, 2023. 

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