What to Do for Others Dealing With Loss

What to Do for Others Dealing With Loss


October is Infant, Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month. Many people have struggled with the loss of a child. It is grief and pain nobody wants to go through. It is important for us to be their village and support system during such a hard time.



Find the best way to make sure they’re being fed. Drop off a warm meal, a gift card, or even some snacks and groceries. Ask which foods they like and make sure it’s easy to access. Sometimes, during difficult times, it is hard for someone to take care of themselves so ensuring they have nutritious food to grab would be incredibly helpful to them.


Be A Listening Ear

 Let them talk, or cry, or sit in silence with you there. Sometimes it is nice just to know somebody is in the room with you while you’re struggling. Ask if they need anything. They may not even know, but always worth it to ask.


Caring for their Other Responsibilities

If they have other children or pets, or even plants to take care of then you can find a way to help them with these responsibilities. Take the children to the park or to your home for dinner, offer to drive them to after school activities. Return their library books and make sure their lawn is mowed. These simple things help your friend’s life continue to flow in the outside while they’re taking a pause To grieve.



While dealing with child loss, you don’t gift what you typically do after a delivery. Other than food and acres of service, it may feel like options are limited. Try to think of something to bring your loved one comfort whether physical or emotional. A grief journal or cozy blanket, or even a small activity like an embroidery hoop or coloring book if they need to keep their hands busy.


The most important thing you can do for a loved one dealing with loss is love them. Let them know you’re there for them and they did not fail in this journey.

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