My Three Gifts from God

My Three Gifts from God

Gift from God

With first child, Eleanor, I had no trouble getting pregnant and had a simple pregnancy and delivery. When we were ready for our second child, I assumed it would be the same. I fell pregnant soon after we began trying and we were overjoyed to be growing our family. Around the twelve week mark, I knew something was wrong and have a difficult miscarriage. We named our sweet baby Michael, meaning "gift from God" and there seemed to be something empty from me. I knew we were supposed to have a little boy here on earth with us. I knew we would start trying as soon as the doctor gave me the green light. Our second month of trying resulted in our rainbow baby! But I was super anxious until I got past the twelve week mark, I checked for spotting everyday, I took pregnancy tests weekly just to make sure all was well, my doctor had an early ultrasound at six weeks to check on my baby and blood work. I had the most amazing doctor and nurse that helped me through my miscarriage and again through my anxiety of this pregnancy and delivery. I prayed a lot during the time of trying to conceive and pregnancy.


The Lord is Gracious

Our third baby was born (late, I might add) in November 2019. He was born one year later than my miscarriage, almost do the day, and I knew God planned it that way. Delivery was smooth and peaceful. We named him Evan, meaning "the Lord is gracious". I was anxious even after he was born because I didn’t want to experience the loss of another baby. He was and is a healthy boy and I’m so thankful God have me my rainbow.

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