Welcome to Miriia

Welcome to Miriia

Welcome to Miriia, we are so excited you have found our blog!

Motherhood is such a special calling for us and raising babies is an incredible thing to do. We have created and curated blessing outfits and full bundles for your little one’s special day. Bringing your babies to church and letting them know their importance to God is an event we wanted to be a part of. We know with young children, shopping and finding all the pieces needed for their special day can be a little overwhelming, so we have put together everything you need!


We have outfits sold by themselves if you would like something simple or already have your accessories from somewhere else. This is a great opportunity to add keepsake items to your baby’s ensemble while still giving them their own outfit. Add your shoes from your special day and a hat that your grandma made for the baby to these options.

We have two boy outfits and three girl dresses to choose from.

The William

This handmade two-piece set is absolutely precious. Our soft-to-touch fabric keeps babies happy and comfy on their christening, baptism, or even blessing day. Designed to fit little ones between newborn to three-month sizes. 

The Jackson

The perfect little outfit for the perfect little man. This ribbed cotton outfit is one piece with functional buttons on the bottom and up by the collar. It comes with a matching bonnet. 

The Everly Dress

The Everly is a sweet and soft cotton/linen dress made for your little one in mind. With an a-line silhouette, eyelet laced sleeves, with a matching embroidered hem. This is the perfect dress to pass from generation to generation. Typically fits sizes between newborn and 6 months sizes. Choose a bow or bonnet to match from our accessories.

The Eva Jane

Lined with an elegant white and embroidered with precious lace detailing, the Eva Jane dress is a timeless piece meant to last through the generations. With a darling back waist tie, it falls gracefully on little ones' between newborn and 5 months sizes. Choose a bow or bonnet to match from our accessories.

The Maely

Adorn your sweet baby girl in our richly embroidered lace Maely dress. This classic style is certain to be unforgettable and worthy of passing down from generation to generation. With a dress tie for flexible sizing, the Maely dress is designed to fit little ones perfectly between newborn and three-month sizes. Choose a bow or bonnet to match from our accessories.


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Along with our outfits, we have accessories as well. We offer socks, shoes, a bracelet, bows, bonnets and even a blanket for your little one's outfits. Choose a bow or bonnet to match with your Miriia outfit for their special day, or you can add our accessories to a keepsake dress you have saved.

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Bundles are the perfect opportunity to choose the entire outfit for your baby’s blessing or christening day. You can choose the bundle that fits your style and it is all sent to you in a special keepsake box! All wrapped up and perfect for your baby along with a "Blessed" wooden sign that makes the cutest photo prop! 

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We are here to help you with any of your questions while ordering. Please let us know how we can make your baby’s blessing, christening, or baptism go as smoothly as possible.

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