The Everly Dress- Special Day Celebration

The Everly Dress- Special Day Celebration

The Everly is the perfect, simple outfit for your little girl's special day. A beautiful a-line silhouette, and eyelet lace detail with wooden back button closures are featured on the cotton and linen blend fabric. This dress can be worn alone or with a matching bonnet or linen bow. Miriia created this beautiful outfit in mind to pass from generation to generation. 

Your little girl's special day will be perfect with this outfit. The lace detailing is simple and classic. It reminds me of a classic cottage, and if I were celebrating my little girl's baptism, christening, or blessing day, I would make the cutest little theme around it. You can shop the Everly Dress, Everly Bow Bundle, and Everly Bonnet Bundle from Miriia. 

Let's start with some floral arrangements, I think some baby's breath and daisies would match this dress beautifully. They're simple and match the eyelet lace very well. Add them to some simple vases and they'll add some nice freshness to your decor. A eucalyptus and lambs ear wreath would match the baby's breath and make guests feel very welcomed and cozy.


Floral ArrangementWreath

If you love thrifting, I think decorating for your little one's special day would be the perfect opportunity for a thrift trip! Finding vintage picture frames, plates for serving, baskets, and vases would go along with the dress style so nicely. Add your baby's photos to the frames for sentimental decor.       

Frames | Basket

For some finishing touches, used striped or gingham linens for your tables and also add matching ribbons to your baskets and floral arrangements. These are classic patterns that have a vintage feel. 


And my favorite part, the food you'll be serving. I think different pies depending on the season would be cute and match the styling so nicely. Fromm cream pies, to fruit pies, cheesecake, and more, there is so much variety and you can make them so beautiful. 


We look forward to seeing baby girls for their blessing, christening, or baptism in Miriia's Everly Outfit. Follow our Everly Board on Pinterest!

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